Clarke's Off Campus

86% love it
Cozy diner close to everything

Come enjoy a burger or belgian waffle at Clarke's while people watching from their foliage-adorned patio. Clarke's is a reliable eatery serving classic American fare.


      We went to Clarks a few weeks ago and I left my iPhone on the table. On the way to the El I realized that my phone was still on the table so we ran back and I checked our table. While our plates were still on the table, my iPhone was not. We checked with the busboy and the our waiter and both said they didn't see it, but told us to check with the manager. Before checking with the manager used the "find my phone app" on my friends phone and located my phone: showing it inside of Clarks. I then went to the manager and asked him if someone had found or turned in an iPhone and he said no, no one has found one or turned a phone in. I explained a that we had just finished our meal, I left my phone on the table and the iPhone app is showing my phone inside of Clarks and I asked him to check with his staff to see if they had it or had seen it. He responded that they didn't have it. I then sent a "ping" to my phone and the FUC**&%G MANAGERS shirt pocket started flashing like a christmas tree and Pinging. HE HAD MY iPHONE AND WAS GOING TO STEAL IT!. I told him to take my phone out of his pocket or I was going to call the police. BOTTOM LINE: DON'T GO TO CLARKS IN BOYSTOWN OR EVANSTON. THEY HIRE DISHONEST PEOPLE WHO LIE AND STEAL.

    • oscarraymundo
      oscarraymundo Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best place to recap your night
      And all the crazy stuff that happened at Berlin the nightclub on the same block... catch some cuties from nearby Wrigleyville too.