Granville Anvil

91% love it
Casual, friendly pub
Near Loyola University, this place looks more like a '50s basement than a gay bar -- and that's the appeal.


    • jjcar69
      jjcar69 Over a year ago

      Everything...great, strong drinks...

    • kfkline
      kfkline Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Don't waste your time
      I live 2 blocks away, just moved back to Chicago, thouht I'd check it out. Jan 11th, 2016 @ 12:30am. Within 20 mins, the bartender made 2 snide, nasty comments the 2 times he addressed me. #bitterqueen

    • jordan.p.barnes
      jordan.p.barnes Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Neighborhood dive
      One of my favorite neighborhood dives: digital jukebox, funny bartenders and the cheapest beer around, if you like Schlitz.

    • A little more than disgusting...
      Through my many years of travelling the continental United States I've seen many examples of what is good and bad in gay culture. The clientelle that I've encountered and interacted with in 3 different visits to this ghastly place certainly cover a full range of what is bad. From predatory behavior to superficial and contrived primadonna stereotypes the Anvil's regulars are really only a sad parody of gay culture. Bad behavior aside, the atmosphere is about as inviting as any truck stop bathroom and it would take more than a fresh coat of paint to make up for the almost non-existant lighting, terrible music, or strange smells that make anyone who has never spent beer money here question the reasoning behind this place not being condemned. Located directly next to the Red Line stop on Granville means that you can be certain that you will be approached by homeless folk asking for money on both entering and exiting the facility, and occasionally the staff has no interest in confronting those that choose to come inside and badger the patrons. The staff come off as both rude and ineffectual and through observation are known to drink more than the patrons. With 3 other people at the bar you might have to wait 20 minutes before the bartender acknowledges you if you are not a friend or potential one night stand. Out of all of the bars I've been to in Chicago this has got to be the worst.

    • Tjbois
      Tjbois Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One of Chicagos' original Dives
      Great local dive. Old school bar. Dingy, smelly. Great cast of guys - something for everyone. You'll find ANYTHING and everything here. Opens early (9am) for hard core drunks. No attitudes. Friendly. A+ staff. Cheap drink specials & free pours. Tip good- it will serve you well!