The Femme FATales: A Plus-Size Burlesque Show, Beyonce Edition

The Femme FATales (pronounced “FAT-ahls”) are a burlesque troupe made up of plus sized performers. Based upon the ideas that fat and feminine people should not have to apologize for neither their size nor sexuality, we came together in 2015 to create a fat-positive safe space for both plus size burlesque performers in the Chicago industry and those looking to break in. Our troupe’s core values involve body, race and gender expression diversity on the stage and we hope that we can contribute to the burlesque community through performance.

Founding members Carina and Essence are rather new to burlesque but come from blogger, activist, art, music, dance and theater backgrounds. They reached out to people in the burlesque community and on the online fat positive community sphere to find those interested in helping lead the project. As their debut comes up, troupe members are raising awareness, rehearsing and working hard to realize a dream that can inspire even more performers of size to pursue a career in show business, as well as change the way the industry views them.