MLK Tribute Concert at Symphony Center


Dr. King was a true visionary. He understood that his work would be arduous, sometimes dangerous, and take generations to effect real change. He envisioned us walking forward, hand in hand, side by side. His message remains vital today, perhaps now more than ever.

This year, we will gather together to celebrate the life and work of MLK and recommit ourselves to what we stand for. With the help of young, diverse musicians and singers from across the city, we will stage an intergenerational dedication to those that came before us and rally behind those working to make equality and freedom for all a reality still today. Culminating in an epic performance of Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9., this evening promises to be more than just a concert – it will be a transformational and uplifting event.

Williams: "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis"
Vivaldi: "Concerto for 4 violins and Cello Opus 3 No. 10 B minor Opus"
Dvořák: "Slavonic Dances Opus 46 No. 2 & Slavonic Dances Opus 72 No. 7"
Beethoven: "Ode to Joy"

Mei-Ann Chen

*With Special Guest Conductor Kalena Bovell, Project Inclusion Conducting Freeman Fellow.

Roosevelt University Conservatory Choir
and Soloists from the Civic Orchestra

E'mon Lauren, Chicago Youth Poet Laureate

Plus, young musicians from Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras, The People’s Music School, and Merit School of Music

"I have a dream." "We shall overcome." "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Words are powerful vehicles for change. Join us pre-concert and during intermission to share what you stand for with button-making, oversized magnetic poetry, and more. Plus, commit to action by connecting with local activist groups to learn how you can get involved in their efforts to celebrate how far we've come and push us to continue the fight.
  • Symphony Center
    220 S Michigan Ave, Chicago
  • Monday Jan 16
  • Event on Facebook


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