Quixotic at Sketchfest


On Sunday January 6th at 3pm, Quixotic will make its triumphant return to Sketchfest with a BRAND NEW sketch comedy revue. Chicago Sketchfest is the largest sketch comedy festival in the nation. Come take a peek into the ridiculous personal lives of the members of the Westboro Baptist Church; brush up on your etiquette with modern applications of the annals of Emily Post; and see how the gays make their semi-positive transformations in this new post-apocalyptic era.

Kay K.
Krystal LaFianza-Pitzen
Seth McCormick
Robin Trevino

Charlie Worth

Quixotic is a gay themed sketch comedy company with a multi-orientation perspective. Since 2009, we have created many original revues and our material has been requested for events throughout Chicaogland.

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