5th Annual Turnabout Show


Hydrate's staff just got Shemale! The boy's are putting on their girdles, the girls are putting on their jockstraps, and we're going to serve you a gender-bending good time! It's Bar-lesque, baby, and we have a show for you!

Come support Ryan from Hydrate and Kelly from Halsted's Bar + Grill as they raise money for TPAN'S 5th annual Bar-lesque competition! All of your favorite staff members will be putting on a special number just for you ;) and all performer tips will be donated to the charity.

Drink Specials:

Hosted Bar 8-9:30

$5 4 Rebels and Rebel Bombs

$3 Buds

Bar-lesque is an online competition for Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN) that raises money and awareness for TPAN's community-based HIV programs. Over the last four years, Bar-lesque has raised close to $100,000! This year's competition will run during the month of November 2012 and each participating bar is eligible to nominate one contestant to compete. Bartenders, bar backs or favorite bar patrons are eligible to represent a bar. Each contestant will compete to win the title of Chicago's Sexiest and will be crowned at the Chicago Takes Off kick-off party in December 2012.


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