MidTangent Productions Presents A Holiday Double Feature!

Nov. 17 - Dec. 22


Giving homage to classic noir films and Christmas television specials, MidTangent Productions (MTP) presents a dazzling and daring musical double feature like no other. Written by MTP Artistic Director Tony Lewis and company members Aaron Michael Adamkiewicz and Karla Meyer, these shows continue MTP’s dedication to bringing original works with a familiar twist to the Chicago GLBTQ community. This production features many MTP Artistic Ensemble members both in front and behind the curtain and will have surprise guest appearances and live entertainment between the one-act shows.


It was just a few days until Christmas. All over the world, children anxiously awaited that morning when all their dreams would come true. The elves at the north pole worked and worked, the reindeer were groomed, the toys were made and the candy canes were bent. All seemed quite well but one person wasn't happy and she was going to make sure that this Christmas she finally got what she wanted. Mrs. Claus and her conspiring lover Bubba had a plan up their jolly sleeves. The elves suspected foul play. With the help of a private dick and the Queen of the North Pole, these elves were going to get to the bottom of this, but they had to hurry! With just a few hours until Christmas, could Mrs. Claus and Bubba get away with this horrible crime? Would Santa be avenged? Would the reindeer survive the cold after being completely shaved due to scabies infection? These mysteries and more to be solved crime-fighters!


Welcome to Dirty Carol's Christmas, a party like no other! Come join us for a little singin’, a little dancin’ and a lot of drinkin’! Your host for the evening, Dirty Carol, will keep you entertained while trying her best to get into anyone's pants. Both family and friends will stop by to share some Christmas memories and perhaps a song (or seven). This isn't your typical holiday party, so leave the warm fuzzies at home, because Dirty Carol and her friends will leave you feelin’ Dirty!

Performance Dates:

Fridays and Saturdays November 17 through December 22, 2012

All show times 9:00pm

Tickets are $10

Shows are 21+


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