Chicago Outfit Bootcamp and Tryouts!


We will have a 5-week new recruitment boot camp on Mondays starting on November 5, 12, 19, 26 to December 3. During these boot camps, we will teach skaters basic skate skills, advanced skills, and the WFTDA minimum skills. These boot camps will cost $5 per day, due at the beginning of each boot camp.

After the boot camps, we will hold advanced tryouts that will be held on both Monday, December 10 & Monday, December 17. Skaters can come and try out even if they didn't come to the recruitment boot camps, but for those who are new to derby and need to learn how to skate, we recommend attending the boot camps as well. During the advanced tryouts, we will test you on the WFTDA minimum skills and additional skills that you learned throughout the boot camps.

All boot camps and the advanced tryouts will be held at:
Fleetwood Roller Rink
7231 Archer Avenue
Summit Argo, IL 60501

All boot camps and the advanced tryouts will be from 7:30pm-10:30pm.

Make sure you bring the following with you to every boot camp and to the advanced tryouts. (If you do not have all the required gear, you will not be allowed to skate):

-Quad skates (speed skates, not in-line)
-Mouth Guard
-Knee Pads
-Elbow Pads
-Wrist Guards
-Water Bottle

We require members of our league to purchase WFTDA insurance, but WFTDA insurance is not required for the boot camps or the advanced tryouts. Instead, there will be a waiver you will be required to fill out.

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