Chicago q

100% love it
Not your ordinary BBQ joint
Artisanal house-made rubs, southern quality service and a modern ambiance combine to offer you the greatest BBQ place in Chicago.


    • IrishWombat
      IrishWombat Over a year ago

      Get the anything with the Pulled Pork. It was, hands down, the best item on the menu.

    • thegaytraveler
      thegaytraveler Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great BBqueer
      The "q" in Chicago q may stand for barbeque but it could just as easily stand for queer (and quality). During a recent visit to the Windy City, II took a couple friends here for dinner, and we all loved it. There were packs carnivorous homos enjoying the award winning Chicago q's outstanding food, superb service and comfortable ambiance. I look forward to returning for more of its signature Kobe brisket, which melted in my mouth.