Sushi Taiyo

100% love it
Magnificent Magnificent Mile sushi
After a long day of shopping, Sushi Taiyo will sooth your spirit with its etherial ambiance and fresh catches.


    • JA237
      JA237 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I have to give this five stars...but just barely,,,,,,,
      Sushi was very good. The fish was very fresh and the service was excellent. The sushi menu had some things that I had never seen before and they were delicious. They also had a blueberry cold sake which was fantastic. The unfortunate thing was that they had a ton of interesting cold sake's but only the regular hot sake. However, the blueberry sake was something else. And that sentence was meant in a very good way! Also tried a cucumber wasabi martini which was interesting. They had the small chunks of cucumber lining the rim of the martini glass along with the salt but the martini really only tasted like cucumber. I was hoping for a kick of wasabi to hit me but that never really happened. This drink had the potential to be very good but it was a fail in my eyes. The decor of the place is really nice. I definitely recommend coming here. The prices were are about regular for what you'll get at a good sushi place - somewhere between $10-15 a roll for their specialty rolls. The fish was extremely fresh and the size of the rolls were very very big. A good place to come for good sushi.