Pink Panthers 1st Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser Kickoff

For the past year, we've been teaching this self-defense class. It started out as a rough idea but gradually took shape. Huge thanks to every student who has brought their perspective and sweat, and to our amazing co-organizers and teachers. After a year of experimentation and dedication, the class has become something we're really proud of.

Tonight we're hosting a 1-year anniversary party, and you should come- even if you haven't come to a class, even if you aren't interested in studying martial arts.

Because I think you, all of you, could benefit from being in the presence of people who took an absolute shit year (Looking at you, 2017) and decided to make positive changes in their life instead.

And if you did attend, or have studied any kind of movement practice like dance, yoga, or martial arts, you should very definitely come because this party is gonna be off the hook.

Oh, and we're raising money to become a real 501(c)3 and grow our efforts in 2018 to help even more people become in tune with their own inner strength and stand up to those who seek to oppress us, or our fellow citizens.

We hope to see you there!

-Michael Una


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