Pandora's Soapbox: A Writing 6 Revue


Facts are fiction. Chaos is law. You may as well kick back, relax, and drink in the madness of the new normal. Pandora's Soapbox has been opened and its monstrous outbursts can never be sealed up again.

A Writing 6 Revue (9/1-9/22 8:30pm)

Directed by: Jay Steigmann
Music Direction by: Stephanie McCullough

Written by: Fred Fedewa, Gus Schlanbusch, Peter Norman, Skyler Higley, Tim Koning, and Val Agnew

Performed by: Alex Blanchette, Florida Levidiotis, Katie Ruppert, Michael Erickson, Rebecca Shrom, and Steve Schroeder
  • Donny's Skybox at Second City
    1608 N Wells St Ste 4, Chicago
  • Sep 1-15, 2017
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