Pride North Party


Being gay is the best excuse you have to not be boring.

This year we are having an intimate gather of queens and unicorns for Pride. Instead of going to the parade and burning out by 8 o'clcok and waiting in line for a bar for 113 minutes and spending $22.73 on a glass of ice water, we would like to introduce our guests to Pride North. It happens right up the street from our new apartment. They block off an area directly off the morse red line where there are two dj's, you can walk into the bar and bring your drink outside, and it is not as much as a hot mess as the parade, it's a hot mess till, and you can dance your little wigs right off your head!

We would like to have some people over before hand, cocktails, laughs, music, glitter, heels, Gaga, Rihana, Beyonce, RuPaul as already RSVP'd so you better work.

Come enjoy our new space and a better way to celebrate Pride and the people we love!
  • 6321 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60660-1203, United States
  • Sunday Jun 25
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