Chicago Dirty Girls and Stardust Present: Reality Check


Thurs. 2-28-13:

Chicago Dirty Girls & Stardust Present

Reality Check 3.0, Jenae's Dirty Thirty

w/ Amanda Leigh Dunn (the Real L Word)



Nicki Butler

All the Way Kay

Hosted by 30 members of the real cast from the past present and future of Jenae-

*Organizations, publications, leagues and event producers such as-

Lesbefriends, the L stop, Dollhouse, Q'were, Nightspots, the Chicago outfit, Porn and Chicken, Akira, ASL Media, The Qu

*Hip hop, rock, and electronic artists such as-

Psalm One, Starlike Collision, Shuteye

*Jenae inspired LQQKS by queens such as-

Ruby Dee, Shea Coulee, Valentine

*Past present and future Stardust members and pals-

Danielle K, Brit Brit, Teen Witch, Ghoast, Mini Shaina, Lauren Widor, Katie Karakas, Becky T, Ben Trannika Bradshaw, Alma, Yoly Red Rum, Matt Scheer, Rud E Huxtable, Matt - Matt, Eric Vana, Kirby.

Photos by ASL

RSVP for reduced cover:

$2 PBR / $3 Berlin Bombs / $5.50 42 Below


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