Miss Club Krave Pageant 2013


Its that time of year again...Time for the Miss Club Krave pageant 2013. For more info contact Theresa Dawn at clubkravetheresa@aol.com. Hand books will be available through E-mail or at Club Krave. $600.00 prize package to the first place winner!!

There is a (non-refundable) $35 Registration Fee that must be paid on or before 11:59pm Sunday April 21st, 2013. After that, the (non-refundable) Registration Fee will be $45 and paid before the start of the contestant's meeting on the date of the pageant (April 27th, 2013), which the time will be made known to all interested contestants of the pageant.
The Registration Form must be filled out and turned in on the date of the pageant during the time of the contestant’s meeting, which will be made known to all interested contestants.
You must be 21 years of age by the pageant date with proof of identification and approved by the pageant promoter (Theresa Dawn).
You must be male, or still have male genitalia. (Refer to note 2 inside actual handbook)
Residential boundaries are open to anyone regardless of city or state.


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