:::::::::::::::::::NVRLND vs. 1984:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

::::::::::::::BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU:::::::::::::::::

NVRLND, Chicago's fiercest new party, returns on FRIDAY, FEB. 15TH to kick off three nights of dancing during Circuit Mom's Freedom Revolution Weekend. International superstar DJ/Producer Isaac Escalante (Mexico City) will be spinning our darkest party yet: BIG BROTHER. This military/police state theme will be turned out through our team's creative lens. Big Brother has never been so sexy.

Between our superstar DJ and Circuit Mom's top-notch Saturday and Sunday dance parties that are bringing lots of new faces into Chicago for the weekend, this NVRLND will sell out. Get your tickets today (prices will increase at the door!!):

DJ/Producer Isaac Escalante

Hosted by Debbie Fox and Phil DaBeatz

Lights by Joe Gillan

Live Drums by Mo Kabre

Production by Eddie Couture, Damian Martin, and Raul Redaggio

NVRLND lasers. NVRLND production. NVRLND special effects. This is art as circuit party.

(Poster and promotional photoshoot coming soon!!! We urge you to get tickets for Circuit Mom's Freedom Revolution Weekend dance parties on Saturday with DJ Aron and DJ Phil DaBeatz, and on Sunday with Tony Moran and DJ Cindel. Let's heat up Chi with a 3-night dance weekend!!)


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