Underground Art Market-- 3rd annual


S.H.A.R.E. Sea Haus Arts Revolution Experience
Join us for a lovely afternoon of unique artisan wares. We are moving the event to a new bigger location. So come on out and challenge yourself to do all your holiday shopping early, and support local artists.

Music by
Ben X
Eli Kahn
Matthew Weber

2012 Underground Art Market Artists

Jen Lorenz {Jenstyle chic vintage}

bumwhush {pop/ street mixed media art}

Fixed ear {Up-Cycled Inner Tube Jewelry Design}

Edible Alchemy Foods {Homemade jams, pickles, sauces, locally
made soaps, candles, condiments, sunflower oil, organic teas, spices, and chocolate.}

Janelle Petitti {gemstone jewelry}

Kelly Strycker {butterfly wing jewelry Airplay}

Chicago Hoop Dance {Hoops}

Metamorphoses Masks {Leather masks}

Asterisk Poi by Suzan Anderson {custom poi from up-cycled fabrics}

Eye of Diamond Soaps by Diamond Higgs {from natural oils & 100% vegetable based}

Matthew Weber {functional art pieces from salvaged/found materials. Specializes in hiding function like hide away beds/ hidden drawers. Steam punk aura meets cabin regent furniture.}

Goddess Designs {Natural gemstones, feathers, and surreal wire jewelry}

Sur Le Feu by Kristine Roof Fachet {one of a kind, handmade clutch purses, handbags, and other accessories}

IZEK Art by Antony York {Street/abstract/character art.}

Fun house Fatale by Brandy Woodworth {upcycled clothing and accessories}

Daaka Jewelry by Aleisha Rogers {Hand cut hand painted wooden jewelry}

Ashly Metcalf aka Leaf Lee {Fashion, accessories, and jewelry. Installation art and functional items made of yarn.}

Electric Apparatus {bicycle lights out of recycled baby food jars, and guitar/audio amps in cigar boxes. Also, other weird stuff.}

Anna Todaro {Imaginative paintings and prints with a positive vibe.}

Mr. Breedlove {Live screenprinting. Bring a garment to get printed!}

Galactic Clothing {artwork on the t-shirts and the hats and the pillow cases and bandanna's for your faces. :)}

Dense83 {Painting & Photography}

Elisa Rose Mountain {Visionary/ psychedelic hand painted hats, prints, paintings, pins, jewelry, stickers, greeting cards, &masks. }

Anne Schoenneman of Well Read Beads {Hand made beads from vintage book pages}

Erin Martinez {Rootid jewelry}

Dane Frost {Invisible Army eye patches, masks, headdresses and

other accessories with Future/Apocalyptic, Asian, Robotic,
Ninja,Tribal, Steampunk Influences}

Roz Herrera {Jewelry made from found objects & paintings of odd animals & spooky things}

Court-knee (P-Nut) MacInnes {Live painting}

Keith Brownlee {Art}

Kendall Karmanian {Art, furniture}

Janelle Cooper {Hoodies, Pillow Cases, Vintage Jewelry, Warrior Within Onesies}

Jodi Weaver/Toadily Handmade {Up-Cycled Hair flowers & accessories}

Deni Gottlieb {Stained glass}

Jeff Zelnio {Mosaic}

Sue Frame {Artisan work from Jacmel Haiti and Jakmel Ekspresyon. All proceeds support Jakmel Ekspresyon Community Art Center in Haiti}

Betty Alper {Vegan gluten free organic sweets and treats & vintage clothing items}

Jenny Vance & Steven Holliday {Shirts, posters, paintings, buttons, stickers, and artwork}

Cheyne-Stokes {hodge podge of leather scraps, vintage lace, kuchi, trade beads, feathers, metal rivets and elbow grease. I create, leather accessories, jewelry, tribal fusion bellydance costuming, and various other accouterments}

Zachary Ryan Franzoni {Paintings}

Matt Leyes {Photo Booth}

Eric Gelehrter {found object mixed media, assemblage}

Julia Rochholz {Junicorn Sparkles Unicorn accessories}

Egon Schiele {Christmas cards, framed photographs, framed artwork, books, and I'm sure some other such kinds of nonsense}

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