Chicago Bisexual Newsletter


Even though, our 1990's Chicago Bisexual Network had a Bi newsletter called Bi... the way. Never the less, our 2012-2013 Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago (BQAC) deserves to carry on our Chicago Bi history with a newsletter. A few Contribution ideas so far are Bi Coming out stories, Experiences of Biphobia and Internalized biphobia, Bi history and Calendar of events.

As Co-Founder of Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago (BQAC,) I invite all interested in helping be part of our Newsletter committee to our next Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago (BQAC) meeting at Center on Halsted on November 3 at 3 pm.

If you are unable to attend and like to contribute, feel free to email me at

Our goal is to have all articles in at the end of one month, so we have newsletter out at the beginning of the following month.


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