92% love it
Bathhouse in Chicago
Open 24/7, walk around in a towel, enjoy the hot tub, take a steam, watch porn, hang in a sling or get lost in the maze.
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    • boyDA
      boyDA 2 months ago
      Hates it

      Nasty Ugly Staff Members
      A very nice place to go but the people that work here are the very worst. It’s a shame a place as nice as this would employ people with such nasty attitudes. I’d rather not go than to deal with them.

    • sweet_jimmy95
      sweet_jimmy95 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I had half a day to wait around in Chicago for a flight, so I decided to hang out here for a while. Even at an odd time (Monday early afternoon), there was quite the selection of men! The facility was quite large, and there were plenty of other amenities besides men

    • bidan1958
      bidan1958 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Ever time I've gone I've hooked up with at least one guy. Two times stick out in my mind. First, I was a number of years ago during the gay pride festivities. I was in the sauna and an older guy came up and gave me a blow job. afterward in the shower he came up and kiss me and thanked me for letting him suck me off. the kiss got me rock hard again. The second time, was again a number of years ago and I walked by one of the play rooms and was invited in for some fucking and sucking. Needless to say it was a great time and I continued to go back as often as I could

    • MilesR
      MilesR Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Good Luck
      Too bad. It is very nice looking place. But the staff tends to be extremely rude, as if they are doing the visitors a favor. That definitely put a bad taste in the mouth. I sure hope is not a Race or gay TYPE thing, like being Black or not in the shape. Good luck to who visits. It is possible to have a decent time there.But no thank you. One time was enough for me.

    • wildbottom
      wildbottom Over a year ago
      Loves it

      LOVED this place!!
      I visited this past June on a weekday in the morning and found the tops to be very welcoming. I got the loads of fun I needed and was sad to have to leave when I did! I'll be back for sure next time I'm in town. UPDATE: I stopped in over MarketDays (Sunday night) and the place was packed, I've never seen this many guys at a place (aside from maybe the one by the train station in Milan). I received the loads of fun I needed, over and over. that was me in the sling if you were there and saw the tall guy getting what he wanted at both ends repeatedly ;)

    • superstar
      superstar Over a year ago

      Avoid this place
      Horrible experience here. People who work there are rude. Everyone seems to be on meth. Not worth the money. I've been to many bathhouses and won't be back here.

    • coyol
      coyol Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The admission fee is now $43 for a the standar room but judging by LIGHTS OUT money is no issue. It was packed.I loved it great move to hike up the prices by a lot.

    • travelingblond
      travelingblond Over a year ago
      Loves it

      First Time
      It was my first time at Steamworks Chicago. I liked it, but wasn't feeling it. I'll be back again.

    • derekch
      derekch Over a year ago

      Not for everyone
      I was visiting Chicago and decided to pay this place a visit since it had high reviews. While the facilities and place looks clean, but the crowd is not for everyone. As a twinky looking Asian guy, I was probably nobody's type in there. The bears go for the bears, the fit/athletic guys (very very few) look for similar builds and the old guys just jerk off or use the glory holes. I wasn't interested in most of the guys there and nobody seemed interested in me (I didn't get any attention and at that time, I was the only asian guy in there). So, if you are a curious Asian guy, I would recommend against checking the place out.

    • JSanchezATL
      JSanchezATL Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Simply The BEST
      Title says it all. I've been to sex clubs all over the United States & Europe. Steamworks is the best one Ive been too in the United States!

    • botija6
      botija6 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      a scary new trend?.
      I have been a fan of STEAMWORKS since it started heck even before it was STEAMWORKS it was THE UNICORN ( and yes I am still alive and kicking) after hundreds of visits to this great place. I have seen the transitions thru the years . The clientele has changed ( not too happy about it) but it is a sign of the times and one has to adapt all that said to say that in the last months I have noticed a trend I thought it was because it was certain days of the week but after a few months of going during the week I realized is the same every day but weekends. It used to be that you went during the week and it was fairly busy with attractive men and the not so attractive but nowadays it is just kind of empty and the clientele it is not much to look at last night just ONE. attractive young guy (ONE) The rest a bunch of plain unattractive guys sucking each other like if it was the end of the world. The queens running around from one end of the corridor to the next one in hopes of bumping with the guy that they just spotted a second ago.The young ones with a look of boredom probably because they cannot find any one that they like. I hope that the place is not dying down all this type of clientele can bring a business down ( business is business ) be that straight or gay Some of the rooms are very cold .The gas bill is probably horrible but give me a break. The spa was just remodeled but I think they should remodeled some of the areas so people get curious and go ,hike up the prices that would get rid of some people (some businesses practice that ) it is horrible but you want to save your business, who knows if it is kind of empty during the week because it is too cold ?too expensive? or guys are just hooking up more thru apps but whatever the reason the owner should do something that bring guys on weekdays. Otherwise the club will go downhill and that would terrible to contemplate The weekends are just as good as they always have been with those gorgeous CHI guys who have made my lay overs memorable all this past years. I miss not seeing you that often anymore now I just go and watch because for me there is nothing worth to be fucked by anymore. I have always recommended STEAMWORKS to everyone and overseas too now I still will recommended it but with reservations.the guys that work there they all seems nice and they do a good job . Good workers.

    • DuckRoggers2038
      DuckRoggers2038 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best bath house in the USA
      It's all true... Place is huge and top of the line

    • marcram
      marcram Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Dear L:
      Dear L: I don't care if you read this today or in five years as long as you know it's for you. I met you Monday afternoon, November 4, 2013 in the sauna. My first thought: that guy's hot as a blast furnace. Long lean body and that beautiful long flowing hair I couldn't wait to run my fingers and hands through (and I repeatedly told you how much -- along with everything else about you -- turned me on). The thought of approaching someone so gorgeous with such a beautiful body was a little intimidating but at the same time extremely exciting. Being with you was absolutely incredible and I was so grateful our "breaks" weren't blow-offs and we ended up back together. The way you treated my body with your hands and your mouth was incredible: exquisite, gentle, beautiful, tender. Based on what you said I think (and hope) you felt the same way about me because when I'm that turned on (and I was extremely turned on) I'm truly inspired to please. I loved every touch of every part of your body, with my hands, my lips and my tongue. I was overwhelmed with pleasure when I got to fondle, lick, and kiss your beautiful dick and your balls. I was dying to kiss you but respectful that you wanted to save that kind of intimacy for people you know better. When I finally whispered into your ear asking you to stand up so I could run my hands over all of your magnificent body in the dry heat of that sauna I'm astonished my dick didn't explode. And you'll recall how turned on I was when you swung that gorgeous full head of hair as you dropped to your knees in front of me outside the steam/sauna area. Dude ... my dick's getting hard just thinking about it. It's one thing to meet someone "attractive" (and you're way beyond merely "attractive") in a place like Steamworks and have a good time ... during the course of our time together and our conversation I started realizing your weren't simply the hottest guy I've been with in a long, long, long, long time but I actually really started to "like" you. We had a little laugh when I slipped and fell and you reached your hand to help me up and later walking down a hall toward a mirror when I pointed at you in the mirror and said, "THERE'S a hot guy!" and later had a little laugh about how "awesome" bathhouse music is (I'd prefer the Rolling Stones). We got to where we ended up and at one point you stepped away for a moment and walked back to where I was still sitting and reached your hand toward me to shake mine and told me your name. A gentleman, gracious, gorgeous, gifted lover. I asked about your tattoo on the upper part of the right side of your chest and you said it was your "good angel" the "bad angel" was on the opposite side, where there was no tattoo. The way you behaved with me I'd find it hard to believe there is a bad side. You had to catch a train and for some reason made it a point to tell a complete stranger you "weren't going home to anyone". Based on my experience with you and wouldn't have thought so. You were just a really, really, good, decent guy ... and so f-in' hot. You made me laugh when, quite a while after we'd met you asked if I had a room, cause like I said at the time, if I had we'd have been there a long time ago. If only I'd met you on my first visit to Steamworks on 10/30 when I was staying at the City Suites on Belmont and we could have gotten some champagne (or whatever you wanted) and made love all night. That's how being with you was different than anyone else I've met in a place like that. My attraction to you was so strong that from the first time I ran my hand down your left leg I felt like I was "making love" not just "having sex". For anyone else who reads this, the very unfortunate end to this story is that I live in Michigan so that was that. I drove home thinking about getting home but then I couldn't stop thinking about you the next day ... I really hope you see this, man, and if you don't it'll be here for me to come back and read my thoughts on our "meeting" when they were still as fresh and vivid as they are now. God bless you, L! Next day: This BLOWS! I wanted to come back and submit a separate review about Steamworks itself, rather than the fantastic guy I was blessed to spend time with there last Monday and it appears that's not possible. Well, this place is fuckin' awesome. I have quite a bit of experience with just a few bathhouses rather that a little experience many and, coming from the Detroit area Steamworks (Chicago) is the Taj Mahal compared to a kiddie tree house (what we have in Detroit). First of all, I'd like to put in a good word for Danielle, next time employees are being evaluated for raises. He checked me in, was absolutely charming, and recognized me when I gave him a shout out out when I was leaving after my second vist several days later. That whirlpool completely blew me away, as did the sauna/steam room area. Luckily I got to enjoy whirlpool and sauna with the beautiful stud I gushed about yesterday, but not the steam room. The rest of the facility is absolutely magnificent. It's always nice to have a "fair number of people" in attendance when you're visiting a bathhouse, but having only been here twice (on a Wednesday night and Monday afternoon) I'm in no position to judge what the "crowd volume" was like and, frankly, I've had experiences where I've been in places like this that were crowded and everyone was gross and others where I've wandered around places like this that were fairly (or moderately) empty for quite a while and suddenly met someone almost as hot as the guy I referred to above. I mentioned to Danielle when I was leaving the second time I didn't dig the videos in the two-tiered viewing room during either visit (4/5 screens always bears/fat dudes) but he very helpfully explained there's a way to change them ... that just leaves one very small issue, the inhalants available in the vending machine. Neither of the two I purchased had the same affect as what I'm accustomed to, a product called "Rush". I notice the "Be fair and balanced" guideline on this screen about descriptive of things including the "music". Well, as I mentioned yesterday I've never been in a bathhouse where I've dug the music and I haven't got the slightest idea of who it's supposed to appeal to. When I'm getnit on I love nothing more than having the Stones on, ie. Monkey Man, Brown Sugar, Stray Cat Blues, Gimme Shelter, Only Rock 'n Roll, Bitch (the list goes on and on). Kudos to Steamworks, another shout-out to Danielle and if I get a chance to be with the incredibly hot guy I met there last Monday during any future visit it will be an incredible day (or night), indeed! P.S. I left and returned when I noticed something hilarious: your tag "Mostly" Men! Maybe I'll see a woman on my third visit?

    • surfguyla292
      surfguyla292 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      totally worth it!
      I live in Utah but I flew to Chicago twice just to go to this place. First night I came four times. Bottomed twice top twice. Second time top twice bottomed one -- came three times. Lots of hot guys one can pick from. I'm a big fan of sticky muscle guys so I got lucky both nights. All of my encounters were from one on one, threesome, group, private room, glory hole sex. On my second night after I came for the second time I went to the to floor and rest for a minute in the shares beds by the glory holes and in the middle if my sleep I felt I felt someone climbing on top of me and slide his cock in my ass. It almost felt like a raping scene. I was disgusted at first and fight my way to turn around and see who it was. To my surprise a hot muscle dark hair Caucasian guy in his late twenties early thirties with a hard throbbing 8" cut cock wanted to take my ass. Oooooooh I quietly laid bac on the bed face down and let him finish. It was my first experience doing that and I loved it. Now I can't stop thinking about it and planning to fly back this Friday Oct 25th!!! I had a great time both nights and they were both on a Friday night.

    • nicolas8
      nicolas8 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not so special
      I was there recently and accidently met a great guy. I really falled in love with him. Thanks for all your kisses, your skin soft and tender attentions. In other hand, the place smell very bad. Somewhere it's shit smell. It is disturbing to see everything that floats in the tub. Lights on the room are absent, bring a flashlight with you. All steamwork not have the same standarts. That Toronto is diametrically clean and new. The place is worth visiting, but requires lots of improvements.