Signature Lounge at the 96th

100% love it
Glitzy views and drinks
At this mixed-crowd hotspot, enjoy the observation deck, sip a spirit and see the majestic Chicago horizon.


    • rolli
      rolli Over a year ago

      You should go and see that I did

    • SummerLovers
      SummerLovers Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Amazing Place for Drinks @ The John Hancock Center
      Definitely hit this place! Skip going to the observation deck where you have to pay and not get a cocktail! Seriously, the views from the 96th Floor of the John Hancock are stunning. If you go at dusk or sunset, which I planned out for clients, fight the crowd and snag a window table. Your jaw will drop to the floor, then pick it up and continue your cocktail. It is even better if you can catch the fireworks over Navy Pier. The drinks are a bit pricey, but won't break the bank.