O' Hare International Airport

100% love it
Chicagos main airport


    • SpoonC
      SpoonC Over a year ago

      Huge airport. Was a mad rush trying to get to one gate to the other.

    • PLeMaster
      PLeMaster Over a year ago

      Bring an empty water bottle instead of paying the high prices for bottles, they have plenty of filling stations alongside the water fountains.

    • eiki.yoshi
      eiki.yoshi Over a year ago

      Delay...due to the weather...I will be late foe the party!

    • alexdzora
      alexdzora Over a year ago

      If you're hungry, there are tons of places for food! Be sure to eat some Chicago-style pizza before you leave the city!

    • planetjai
      planetjai Over a year ago

      its cold in this airport!