Froot Salad Daytime Pride Party curated by ALL your faves!

Toss all your favorite queers in a bowl and give em a space with infinite possibilities and a birds eye view of Chicago Pride's LIVEST intersection & what do you get? Froot Salad Pride Day party!

3 Rooms • 2 Blacked out spaces for day raving • FULL bar • Food to feed your needs • Enormous windows to watch the hot mess unraveling in the streets below.

Curated By:
Do312 Rainbow / Do312 • The Lesbifriends Cartel • Cramer PR & Events • Stardust • VAM • Deep Eddy Vodka • Pabst Blue Ribbon • Riot Fest

From the Creators of:
1LLUM1NAUGHT¥ • TOTAL THERAPY • Plastic Factory • LQQKS • Fabitat • Stardust

With DJ's:
DJ All The Way Kay • Swaguerrilla • TEEN WITCH FAN CLUB• Claudia De Châlon • Unicorn Florida • Ldy Prblms • DJ Zel

Hosted by:
Young Girl Party • Claire Van Eijk • Jimmy Hassett Da Virtual Brat • Dom Brown • Bon Bon • Jazzeppi Zanaughtti • Bambi • Imp Queen • Jpeg Papi • Ben Morino • Daniella DeLuna • Lucy Stoole • Lauren Widor • Vincent Martell • Jordan Phelps • Lauren-Elizabeth Black • Nina Dollhouse • Jenae Williams & Scott Cramer.

Performances by:
Nico • Joan Waters • The Vixen • Ms.Mr.Jr

Support by:
Bullett Magazine & LVL3

Art installations will be curated by Jo Cøntrol and VAM and will feature live performance sculptures, video projection, neon installation and large scale creative displays by artists Luis Mejico, Bob Landers and Blake Herbert. Art by Rafael Silvares (MIA ‘Boyz’) & Ben Marcus (Pluto / Total Therapy) will be featured throughout the event.

We’ll be giving away tickets to Riot Fest Carnival at the event! Be sure to RSVP at for reduced cover.

Photos by Kater Jayne Photography
  • Annoyance Theatre & Bar
    851 W Belmont Ave, Chicago
  • Sunday Jun 28, 2015
  • Event on Facebook